AHA Institute of Hotel Management & Aviation - AHA Udaipur

AHA Institute of Hotel Management & Aviation - AHA Udaipur


Welcome to AHA the Institute of Hotel Management and Aviation in Udaipur a premier job-oriented vocational education institute in India. Affiliated with RISU since its inception in 2014, AHA has facilitated numerous successful careers through its extensive network of centers across India. AHA continues to pioneer innovations across its preeminent professional courses in the fields of Aviation, Travel-Tourism, and Hotel Management.

All courses are designed through extensive research and intensive consultation with industry experts. AHA also offers placement and internship assistance. Ahaian students have opportunities to participate in a remarkable range of activities, from academics, training, seminars, and workshops to an extraordinary range of co-curricular activities. Multidisciplinary access provided to participate, as a part of our recent initiative, presents students with the opportunity to interact with top professionals and establish collaborations across disciplines, which will be key to future advances.

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An education in hospitality from AHA opens doors to a diverse range of opportunities. AHA acts as the bridge between students and the industry, offering exposure to leading restaurants, hotels, and event planners.

One of the most effective ways to learn a job is by actually doing it. Hence, we offer a variety of field education placements in all our programs. Our meticulously designed programs are target-oriented, ensuring you acquire a rich experience and become proficient in the workplace.

Hotel Management College in Udaipur




Why Choose AHA as Hotel Management College in Udaipur

Choosing AHA Udaipur as your Hotel Management College in Udaipur is a decision rooted in several key factors that contribute to a comprehensive and enriching educational experience. AHA Udaipur stands out among Hotel Management Colleges in Udaipur due to its unwavering commitment to excellence in education, industry-relevant curriculum, state-of-the-art facilities, experienced faculty, and strong industry connections.

One of the primary reasons to choose AHA Udaipur as your Hotel Management College in Udaipur is its exceptional faculty. Our team comprises industry experts and seasoned professionals who bring a wealth of practical knowledge and experience to the classroom. They are dedicated to nurturing students, guiding them through every aspect of hotel management, and preparing them for successful careers in the hospitality industry.

Moreover, AHA Udaipur offers a curriculum meticulously designed to meet the evolving demands of the hospitality sector. Our courses combine theoretical learning with hands-on practical training, ensuring that students develop a deep understanding of hotel management concepts while gaining real-world experience. This holistic approach equips students with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in various roles within the hospitality industry.

In addition to academic excellence, AHA Udaipur boasts state-of-the-art facilities that facilitate immersive learning experiences. From well-equipped classrooms and advanced kitchens to simulated hotel environments, students have access to everything they need to hone their skills and unleash their potential.

Furthermore, AHA Udaipur’s strong industry connections provide students with ample opportunities for internships, placements, and networking. Our tie-ups with leading hotels and hospitality organizations ensure that students gain exposure to the industry’s dynamics and trends, helping them secure promising career opportunities upon graduation.

AHA Udaipur emerges as the premier choice for students seeking a top-notch Hotel Management College in Udaipur. With its focus on academic excellence, practical learning, industry relevance, and extensive support system, AHA Udaipur empowers students to embark on rewarding careers in the dynamic field of hospitality.




1Which hotel management course is best?

The best hotel management course depends on your career goals and interests. Popular options include Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM), Bachelor in Hotel Management and Catering Technology (BHMCT), and Diploma in Hotel Management and Catering Technology.

2Can I study hotel management after 12th?
  1. Yes, you can study hotel management after completing 12th grade. Many institutions offer hotel management courses for students who have completed their 12th standard exams. Some courses may have specific eligibility criteria, such as minimum percentages in qualifying exams.

3Is hotel management a degree?

Yes, hotel management can be pursued as a degree. Bachelor's degree programs such as BHM and BHMCT offer a comprehensive education in hotel management, covering various aspects of the hospitality industry and preparing students for careers in hotels, resorts, restaurants, and related fields.

4How much study is required for hotel management?

The duration of study for hotel management courses varies depending on the program and institution. Typically, bachelor's degree programs like BHM or BHMCT span three to four years, including internships. Diploma courses may range from one to three years.

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